Sunday, 23 October 2016

Advantages of weighted dips

No one should overlook the advantages of dips. Bar dips produce excellent upper body mass and power gains, largely because of the exceptional mechanics required from the movement.

Dips have the following advamtages:

Dipping is a CKC exercise.  A CKC exercise means that you are moving your body while your hands (or feet) are in a set position and do not move. Dips are among the few chest muscle CKC workouts. As a CKC workout, dips concurrently also work opposing muscle group making them very versatile.

Dips are a tough exercise by themselves. But without additional weight, you are going to outgrow dipping your bodyweight in no time, which brings me to my purpose: It’s so simple to incorporate weight to your body. I recommend buying a dip belt. But it is also possible to hold a dumbbell weight between your legs or you can wear a backpack with weights inside.

By doing this, you can continually overload muscle tissue, since you happen to be able to constantly add extra pounds to your dip belt and thus increase the amount of weight moved.  This website has more much more detail on dip belts:

The push up is a body weight exercise that is great. And it is the most comparable CKC workout to dips. Yet, you might be capable to lift your entire body weight with dips (and then some, if you add extra pounds). You only lift a fraction of your body weight with press-ups. And while it’s not impossible to do push ups that are weighted, it’s not always practical.

A dip repeat isn’t fully accomplished until your lockout and by performing dips, your lockout power improves considerably,. This strength transfers directly to the other related exercises like the overhead press and the bench press.

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